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Shaping leather into aesthetic and timeless designs

As a 4th-generation Amsterdam artisan leather bag maker, I honour my family heritage in contemporary designs with a touch of nostalgia.

When I design, I am completely in my element.

In my studio, I research and invent new possibilities to shape leather into aesthetic and timeless designs. I test, try out and discover new surprising solutions. 
With a love of construction, leather is the ideal material.  Every time, I am surprised by all of its possibilities, in its constancy and flexibility. 

Respect for craftsmanship and conscious consumption are at the beginning of every design choice I make. May the bag become a part of you and be passed on from generation to generation.

After studying at the Fashion Academy Montaigne and Jewelry department of Arts Academy Gerrit Rietveld in Amsterdam, I rediscovered my roots and started my leather bags label under the name Ignoor in 2004.

Since 2022, I started working under Noor Wentholt.

To better express and honour my rich family heritage of leather craftsman.


Where it all began . . . 

Arnoldus Wilhelmus Wentholt (1850)

Founder of the Wentholt leather goods company

My great-great-great grandfather A.W. Wentholt learned the profession of saddle maker in Arnhem, a city in the east of Holland.

In 1870 he moved to Amsterdam and worked for saddle making company Limps.

When Mr. Limps passed away, Arnoldus and his father in law took over the business.

In 1878 he started his own shop at the 1e Oosterparkstraat 4 in Amsterdam.

When his son Wilhelmus joined the company the firm name changed in A.W. Wentholt & Son and two shops arised.

Arnoldus started, together with his daughter Catharina, a new shop at the Vijzelstraat 108 and Wilhelmus runned the shop and workshop at the 1e Oosterparkstraat.

Around 1926 the shop at the Vijzelstraat closed due to street renovations. This ended the joint venture between father and son. Son Wilhelmus continued and was allowed to use the firm name A.W. Wentholt & Son.

For the complete family story go to HERITAGE

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